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0003-Catch-up-to-roken-s-rename-of-base64-symbols.patch Catch up to roken's rename of base64 symbols
Upstream roken (i.e., heimdal) renamed their base64 encode/decode
routines to have a rk_ prefix in 2014, but upstream OpenAFS hasn't
pulled in an update to their bundled heimdal files since then.
So, upstream is still using the old name, whereas we are trying
to link against a more modern libroken, and must use the new names.
Benjamin Kaduk <> no 2016-12-11
0005-tests-skip-vos-tests-when-a-vlserver-is-already-runn.patch tests: skip vos tests when a vlserver is already running
The vos tests start a temporary vlserver process, which is problematic
when the local system already has an installed vlserver. Attempt to
temporarily bind a socket to the vlserver port, and if unable to bind
with an EADDRINUSE error, assume the vlserver is already running and
skip these tests.

(cherry picked from commit bf1b3e2fc12a7502cfd74eb109eeb7131f7230d3)
Michael Meffie <> no 2020-01-10
0007-Temporarily-disable-flaky-test.patch Temporarily disable flaky test
The volser test consistently fails on the armhf buildd but succeeds
on the porterbox. The nature of the test in question suggests that
the issue in the test triggers only on a machine with a specific
network configuration using specific addresses in, which
should help track down the issue causing the test to fail on the buildd.
Benjamin Kaduk <> no 2020-03-24
0004-Disable-rx-perf-test.patch Disable rx/perf test
It hardcodes a port number on which to run the testing service,
which may conflict with some buildd services and result in failing
Benjamin Kaduk <> no 2022-03-12

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