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add-ctime.patch Add '#include <ctime>' as 'clock' is defined there (#1016227). Andrius Merkys <> no
remove_link_top.diff no
7de27f309db5f7ec026ef5c5235e5b33bf7d1a85.patch [PATCH] Fix test failure with Python 3
When run with Python 3.6, test/ fails with a SyntaxError
about a malformed character escape. This arises from a failure to escape
literal backslash characters in single-quoted SMILES strings (several
occurrences). Python 2 accepts this and does the right things with it,
but Python 3 rejects it.

Fixes #2217
John Bollinger <> no 2020-05-14
2315.patch [PATCH 1/4] cmake: use CMakePackageConfigHelpers for config files
Make use of the CMakePackageConfigHelpers (available already in cmake
3.1) to generate the OpenBabel3ConfigVersion.cmake file completely,
and get rid of the local version.

Mostly important, use CMakePackageConfigHelpers also for generating
the bulk of OpenBabel3Config.cmake: the standard boilerplate from cmake
is inserted, and that takes care of properly locating all the various
paths from the installation directories.

Fixes #2264.
Pino Toscano <> no 2021-01-03
650b1f829ac47cc84877a330366ec9485da3ec99.patch [PATCH] Revise for 3.1.1 release Geoff Hutchison <> no 2020-05-08

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