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Status for opendnssec/1:2.1.13-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-fix-localstate-dir.patch fix localstate dir =?utf-8?b?T25kxZllaiBTdXLDvQ==?= <> not-needed 2015-10-21
0003-rename-regress-for-autotest.patch rename regress for autotest =?utf-8?b?T25kxZllaiBTdXLDvQ==?= <> not-needed 2015-10-21 fixes =?utf-8?b?T25kxZllaiBTdXLDvQ==?= <> not-needed 2015-10-21 Use SQLITE3_SONAME macro to dlopen* Mathieu Mirmont <> not-needed 2020-10-08
0008-Fix-var-opendnssec-var-lib-opendnssec-paths.patch Fix /var/opendnssec -> /var/lib/opendnssec paths =?utf-8?b?T25kxZllaiBTdXLDvQ==?= <> not-needed 2017-01-02
0009-Fix-schema.sqlite-and-schema.mysql-paths-to-usr-shar.patch Fix schema.sqlite and schema.mysql paths to /usr/share/opendnssec =?utf-8?b?T25kxZllaiBTdXLDvQ==?= <> not-needed 2017-01-02
0013-Fix-build-warnings-and-possible-bugs.patch Fix minor build warnings Mathieu Mirmont <> no 2020-10-08
0015-remove-strptime-build-warning.patch remove strptime build warning Mathieu Mirmont <> no 2019-05-21
0016-m4-acx_libxml2.m4-use-pkg-config-instead-of-xml2-con.patch m4/acx_libxml2.m4: use pkg-config instead of xml2-config
The xml2-config script is deprecated and dropped from Debian. It is
recommended to use the standard pkg-config tool instead.
Mathieu Mirmont <> no 2020-02-06
0017-mysql8_my_bool.patch Reintroduce my_bool to fix build with MySQL 8 Andreas Hasenack <> no 2020-02-12

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