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Don-t-optimize-fdlibm-fork-for-Zero-on-linux-sparc-Z.patch [PATCH] Don't optimize fdlibm-fork for Zero on linux-sparc (Zero) John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <> no 2018-12-21
generated-headers.patch no
parallel-build-fix.diff =================================================================== no
reproducible-properties-timestamp.diff Makes the timestamp in the properties files header reproducible when SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is specified Emmanuel Bourg <> no
reproducible-javadoc-timestamp.diff Makes the timestamp in the javadoc files reproducible when SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is specified Emmanuel Bourg <> no
system-pcsclite.diff no
hotspot-mips-align.diff no
icc_loading_with_symlink.diff no
icedtea-override-redirect-compiz.diff =================================================================== no
libpcsclite-dlopen.diff =================================================================== no
jexec.diff no
default-jvm-cfg.diff no
workaround_expand_exec_shield_cs_limit.diff no
adlc-parser.diff # DP: fixes an uninitialized memory issue in adlc no
multiple-pkcs11-library-init.diff # HG changeset patch
# User andrew
# Date 1352129932 0
# Node ID e9c857dcb964dbfa5eef3a3590244cb4d999cf7a
# Parent 1406789608b76d0906881979335d685855f44190
Allow multiple PKCS11 library initialisation to be a non-critical error.
s390x-thread-stack-size.diff no
s390x-opt.diff no
jdk-getAccessibleValue.diff no
jtreg-location.diff no
jdk-i18n-pt_BR.diff =================================================================== no
disable-doclint-by-default.diff =================================================================== no
8199220.diff # HG changeset patch
# User enevill
# Date 1520877434 0
# Mon Mar 12 17:57:14 2018 +0000
# Node ID 81265b23c488c7fd03ebaee04d1802fc0ada737e
# Parent ecd91135d645bed6620abbd76ce30a906b6d7d44
8199220: Zero build broken after 8195103, 8191102 and 8189871
machine-flag.diff no
zero-x32.diff no
hotspot-disable-exec-shield-workaround.diff no
atk-wrapper-security.diff =================================================================== no
dnd-files.diff =================================================================== no
hotspot-libpath.diff no
keep-gtk2-as-default.patch Revert upstream default to GTK2 OpenJDK 11 uses GTK3 by default for the GTK Look and Feel but it still
has too many pending issues and artifacts and is not on par with GTK2
support. This patch is the reverse of the upstream commit which ensures
that GTK2 is tried before GTK3.

When GTK3 becomes better supported we should drop this and update the
dlopen_jre_depends variable in debian/rules accordingly.
not-needed upstream upstream, 2019-03-27
jaw-classpath.diff Fix finding the Java ATK wrapper, see #900912 no
jaw-optional.diff Make failing to load the Java ATK wrapper non-fatal no
riscv64.diff # HG changeset patch
# User enevill
# Date 1521985117 -3600
# Sun Mar 25 14:38:37 2018 +0100
# Node ID 7d1ae835ef5194e7ae5b56b51f944029fe602d11
# Parent 1b1de4b263c81853719f6bb0385fe23bc4e35f6c
8199138: Add RISC-V support to Zero
reproducible-character-data.diff Makes the generated character data classes reproducible (removes a timestamp and trims a build path captured in the comments) Emmanuel Bourg <> no
reproducible-module-info.diff Makes the generated files reproducible (removes a captured build path) Emmanuel Bourg <> no
reproducible-copyright-headers.diff Makes the generated copyright headers reproducible Emmanuel Bourg <> no
reproducible-build-user.diff Makes the build user invariant to improve the reproducibility (it appears in the interval VM version in Emmanuel Bourg <> no
reproducible-build-jmod.diff jlink: Hash of module differs to expected hash recorded in java.base The cause is the use of dh_strip_nondeterminism late in the build
process. This reorganises the jmod files, which in turn changes their
SHA256 checksums. This would not be a problem, except that the
checksums are saved in java.base.jmod *before* the use of
dh_strip_nondeterminism. Performing this stripping immediately after
each jmod file is created results in the checksums being consistent
Julian Gilbey <> not-needed debian
hotspot-test-fix-npe-on-missing-file.patch Test fails with NPE on dangling link We link libatk on OpenJDK's lib/ but it is a dangling link
unless libatk is installed. Since we don't build depend on
it the ModeJDKTest needs to be fixed to recurse only when
the source exists.
Tiago Strmer Daitx <> no Ubuntu 2020-11-09

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