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Status for openjfx/11.0.11+1-3.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-skip-verify-java.patch Skip the verification of Java to build with more recent versions of the JDK Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed
02-use-system-libraries.patch Changes the dependency management to use the system jars when building Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed
03-buildflags.patch Adjusts the compiler flags to enable the hardening and link to the system libraries Emmanuel Bourg <> no
06-disable-architecture-verification.patch Disable the architecture verification which is limited to i386 and amd64 Emmanuel Bourg <> no
07-disable-assembler-on-unsupported-archs.patch Disable assembler in WebKit on unsupported architectures Emmanuel Bourg <> no
08-disable-sse2.patch Enable SSE2 on i386 and amd64 CPUs only Emmanuel Bourg <> no
fix-arm64-build.patch Fix arm64 build Add AArch64 support in Platform.h
Don't use COMPARE_AND_SWAP on arm64; it produces invalid asm.
Fix some other areas where disabling JIT doesn't work.
Iain Lane <> no debian
fix-arm32-build.patch no
15-fix-javadoc-refererences.diff no
16-reproducible-build-timestamp.patch Use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for the BUILD_TIMESTAMP Emmanuel Bourg <> no
19-disable-webkit-sampling-profiler.patch Disables the sampling profiler in WebKit (fails to build on arm64) Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed
23-webcore-linker-flags.patch Use the gold linker with memory saving options to avoid build failures caused by lack of RAM Emmanuel Bourg <> no debian
24-disable-buildSrc-tests.patch Disables the buildSrc tests to work around a Gradle bug (UnsupportedOperationException: Cannot nest operations in the same thread) Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed
25-webkit-debug-level.patch Use the -g1 debugging level instead of -g when compiling WebKit to reduce the memory used and avoid build failures caused by lack of RAM. Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed
26-disable-webkit-jit-for-armv4.patch Disables the WebKit JIT on armel (fails to build) Emmanuel Bourg <> no
29-glibc-compatibility.patch Fixes the compatibility with the version of glibc in Debian Emmanuel Bourg <> yes
disable-jit-for-non-x86.patch no
no-error_deprecated-declarations.patch Fix FTBFS due to -Werror=deprecated-declarations. Bas Couwenberg <> no debian
32-gradle-compatibility.patch Fixes the compatibility with the version of Gradle in Debian Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed
36-disable-swt-on-32bit-arch.patch Disable SWT support on 32-bit architectures Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed
disable-ffmpeg.patch Don't build ffmpeg plugin when ffmpeg is disabled
Steve Langasek <> no debian 2022-09-21
38-javadoc.patch no
webkit-217079-only-use-jumpislands-with-JIT.patch Fix code from Webkit to build on arm64 when JIT is disabled REGRESSION(r259582): Build fails on aarch64 Linux with WebKit 2.30.1 on LLIntOffsetsExtractor.cpp.o
* assembler/LinkBuffer.cpp:
(JSC::LinkBuffer::copyCompactAndLinkCode): DOn't compile in a call to
dumpJITMemory if JIT is disabled; leads to a build failure.
* wtf/PlatformEnable.h: Only define USE_JUMP_ISLANDS if JIT is enabled.
This patch is a workaround rather than a proper fix. See bug discussion

Mike Gorse <> no upstream 2020-09-30

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