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Status for openmpi/4.1.6-13.3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
pkg-config.patch Enable non-gfortran compilation by separating Fortran libs Note pkg-config files shipped in arch-dep libopenmpi-dev
Don't put FMODDIR in wrapper-data (openmpi-common is arch-indep)
Alastair McKinstry <> no
mpifort.patch Search for mod files in $FMODDIR directory Also look in a fortran-ABI-specific directory for libs Alastair McKinstry <> no
manpage_macros Fix problems in manpages In some man page headers, a macro (-*-) is used which makes lintian
choke and probably should not be there anyway.

Alastair McKinstry <> no 2018-04-08
build_hurd Fix build problems on hurd-i386 This patch allows Open MPI to build on Debian GNU/HURD.
Also, the memory:linux MCA component is disabled, since its use of POSIX API
in malloc hooks called very early at startup causes troubles.
Also changes by Samuel Thibault <>

Pino Toscano <> invalid 2018-10-24
libdir.patch Change install libdir to openmpi3 This is needed to ensure that libopenmpi2, libopenmpi3 do not collide.

Alastair McKinstry <> no
hppa.patch Support for the HPPA architecture
Helge Deller <> no
opal_fifo.patch fix test-suite to build on ppc64el Test suite hangs on ppc64el. This is due to a bug in test/class/opal_fifo.c.
thread_test() must end with pthread_exit(NULL), not return NULL.
Thibaut Paumard <> no debian Vendor 2016-12-15
verbose-ompi-rules.patch Makefile.ompi-rules: don't set silent building
Adrian Bunk <> no
fix-underlinking.patch Prevents symbol lookup error: ../openmpi4/
undefined symbol: fi_dupinfo when linked with --as-needed

Graham Inggs <> no debian 2018-05-23
no-warning-unused.patch Turn off warning that openfabric is not available because it breaks some overlying layers/appications in Debian.
Also exclude openfabric/openib by default.
See: #979041
Alastair McKinstry <> not-needed
ia64.patch Fix for building on IA64 John Paul Adrian Glaubitz invalid

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