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Status for openscad/2021.01-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
patch-out-test-for-mcad.patch patch out test for mcad chrysn <> not-needed 2013-08-08
don-t-override-OPENSCADPATH.patch don't override OPENSCADPATH
the debian tests scripts already set an adaequate OPENSCADPATH; the
overrides in the test scripts would set that wrongly again (because
openscad and mcad are not built in the same tree in debian)

for a cleaner solution, the library path should be respected
unconditionally, removing the necessity for debian to specify a path at
chrysn <> no 2014-03-07
Report-Debian-versions-in-test_pretty_print.patch Report Debian versions in test_pretty_print
The git repository the script tries to read is
available neither at build time nor when run as openscad-testrun; this
provides the relevant information for the latter case.
chrysn <> not-needed 2015-06-07
test_pretty_print-remove-a-pathname-normalization-st.patch test_pretty_print: remove a pathname normalization step
with absolute paths replaced by relative ones in debian (see
debian/rules), what's done in by replacing the
build dir with nothing causes all '.' characters to be removed again.

for a cleaner solution, absolute path removal should be upstremed.
chrysn <> no 2014-03-06
test_pretty_print-drop-file-name-munging.patch test_pretty_print: drop file name munging
forcibly joining the paths breaks the test suite when run out-of-tree
(as it is run when using debhelper)
chrysn <> no 2015-06-08
Use_python3.patch Use #!/usr/bin/python3 shebang
Following Debian Pyhthon policy, use #!/usr/bin/python3 in executable python
scripts over #!/usr/bin/env python.
Kristian Nielsen <> not-needed 2019-01-02
cgal_ftbfs.patch Fix FTBFS with newer CGAL
Cherry-pick of upstream commit cc49ad8dac24309f5452d5dea9abd406615a52d9:
"Fix build failure with "generic_print_polyhedron" on CGAL-5.3."
Kristian Nielsen <> not-needed 2021-09-24
fix_nonplanar_tests.patch Fix nonplanar tests
Cherry-pick of upstream commit eae34435e4d3a6a71c5bca37b91bbc83ae527920:
"Remove invalid polyhedron test that fails with CGAL >= 5.3 (fixes #3840)."
Kristian Nielsen <> not-needed 2021-09-24
Add-file-bounds-check-to-comment-parser.patch Add file bounds check to comment parser
Backported patch from upstream.
Kristian Nielsen <> not-needed debian upstream 2022-01-09
add-safety-to-line-lookups-in-DXF-import-fixes-4037.patch add safety to line lookups in DXF import, fixes #4037
Backported patch from upstream.
Kristian Nielsen <> not-needed debian upstream 2022-01-15
Backport-from-upstream-compile-fixes-for-CGAL-5.4.patch Backport from upstream compile fixes for CGAL 5.4. Kristian Nielsen <> not-needed debian 2022-02-13
Backport-upstream-patch-to-fix-a-FTBFS-in-sid.patch Backport upstream patch to fix a FTBFS in sid. Kristian Nielsen <> not-needed 2022-02-13
Add-CGAL-set_warning_behaviour-for-issue-3935.patch Add-CGAL-set_warning_behaviour-for-issue-3935
Backport an upstream patch to work with newer CGAL. This is necessary
due to a security fix for CGAL, which changed behaviour for invalid
input that are tested in the OpenSCAD testsuite.
Kristian Nielsen <> not-needed upstream 2022-02-15
Remove-double-quoting-of-the-output-file-parameter-for-gh.patch Remove double quoting of the output file parameter for ghostscript
Apply upstream patch for this to fix #1009682.
Kristian Nielsen <> not-needed upstream 2022-04-15
Fix-uninitialized-class-member.patch Fix uninitialized class member
This patch can be dropped when importing next upstream release, as the
associated code is gone/rewritten upstream.
Kristian Nielsen <> not-needed 2023-02-26
Cherry-pick-upstream-fix-for-use-after-free-crash-at-exit.patch Cherry-pick upstream fix for use-after-free crash at exit
This patch can be dropped when importing next upstream release.
Kristian Nielsen <> not-needed upstream 2023-02-26
Fix-appdata-issues.patch Fix appdata issues
Fixes deprecated <mimetypes> tag and sorts release list.
Patch taken from upstream, no need to keep after importing next upstream release.
Kristian Nielsen <> not-needed 2023-02-26

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