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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-testsuite-send-4-requests-instead-of-infinity.patch testsuite: send 4 requests instead of infinity
For Debian autopkgtest needs, we want to run send a definite amount of
requests instead of an infinite amount. 4 requests should be enough, as
response time can be quite long.
Agathe Porte <> not-needed 2022-05-24
0003-Makefile-create-directory-if-missing.patch Makefile: create directory if missing
When building as a package, the destination directory needs to
be created before installing the target file.
Agathe Porte <> no 2024-05-25
0004-man-drop-empty-Nm-sections.patch man: drop empty Nm sections
Nm seems to be used for automatic line numbering and should not be used
Agathe Porte <> no 2024-05-25
0005-man-remove-empty-lines.patch man: remove empty lines
Empty lines generate warnings:

Usage: .Nm name ... (#8)
Usage: .Nm name ... (#19)

Used command:

man --warnings -E UTF-8 -l -Tutf8 -Z \
man1/opentracker.1 >/dev/null
Agathe Porte <> no 2024-05-25
0006-man-Remove-unknown-.B-and-.Br-commands.patch man: Remove unknown .B and .Br commands Agathe Porte <> no 2024-05-25
0007-man-remove-empty-section.patch man: remove empty section Agathe Porte <> no 2024-05-25
0008-man-add-missing-.El-for-.Bl.patch man: add missing .El for .Bl Agathe Porte <> no 2024-05-25
0009-man-use-NAME-section.patch man: use NAME section
This patch fixes the following Lintian warning:

Agathe Porte <> no 2024-05-25
0009-Makefile-allow-override-of-LIBOWFAT_HEADERS.patch Makefile: allow override of LIBOWFAT_HEADERS Agathe Porte <> no 2024-05-26

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