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ovs-ctl-ipsec.patch Don't monitor ipsec daemon For Ubuntu systemd will monitor the ovs-monitor-ipsec daemon so
there is no need to spawn a separate monitor thread to deal with
restarts. Doing so has the side effect of confusing systemd into
monitoring the wrong process.

James Page <> not-needed
0001-tests-ovsdb-server-Fix-config-file-same-schema-test.patch [PATCH] tests ovsdb-server: Fix config-file same schema test.
When a configuration file is used the ovsdb-server (re-)configures
databases in multiple passes. First the configuration file is
read and a shash is populated, second the shash is iterated over
to remove/create databases.

The "ovsdb-server config-file - same schema" test currently relies
on a certain ordering of this shash, but we can't really rely on a
specific ordering as it would be environment specific.

The test currently fails on big endian systems such as s390x with:
-WARN|failed to open database 'db2': ovsdb error: ordinals: duplicate database name
+WARN|failed to open database 'db': ovsdb error: ordinals: duplicate database name

Normalize the logged database name so that the test can focus on
the fact that duplication is detected rather than in which order.
Frode Nordahl <> no 2024-01-20
dp-packet-Reset-offload_offsets-when-clearing-a-packet.patch [PATCH] dp-packet: Reset offload/offsets when clearing a packet.
The OVN test suite identified a bug in dp_packet_ol_send_prepare() where
a BFD packet flagged as double encapsulated would trigger a seg fault.
The problem surfaced because bfd_put_packet was reusing a packet
allocated on the stack that wasn't having its flags reset between calls.

This change will reset OL flags as well as the layer offsets in
data_clear(), which should fix this type of packet reuse issue in
general as long as data_clear() is called in between uses.
Mike Pattrick <> no 2024-01-25

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