Debian Patches

Status for owfs/3.2p4+dfsg1-4.2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
for-upstream-freebsd.patch Fix for BSD architecture (the mount syscall has one more parameter) no
deb-specific-tcltk-path.patch Force install path of tcltk lib conforming to the FHS not-needed
deb-specific-fix-section-tcl-manpages.patch Fix section of TCL manpages According to upstream: "putting Tcl stuff into section 3 of the manpages
is Debian-specific, I think. OpenSUSE still has it in n, others in 3tcl."
deb-specific-owfs-use-config.patch Fix manpage to tell about the (Debian specific) system-wide config file not-needed
deb-specific-systemd-use-conffile.patch Use /etc/owfs.conf for the configuration of all daemons not-needed
for-upstream-typo-manpages.patch fix typos found by lintian in manapages no

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