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add-cmake-project-command.patch add cmake project() command

As the used source is only a subdirectory of the upstream source it does
not contain a cmake project() command.
=?utf-8?q?Christian_G=C3=B6ttsche?= <> not-needed 2020-05-11
drop-removed-inkscape-argument-without-gui.patch drop removed inkscape argument --without-gui
Removed in inkscape 1.0
=?utf-8?q?Christian_G=C3=B6ttsche?= <> no 2020-05-11
inkspace-use-export-filename-instead-of-deprecated-export-png.patch inkspace: use --export-filename instead of deprecated --export-png
Added in inkscape 1.0
=?utf-8?q?Christian_G=C3=B6ttsche?= <> no 2020-05-11
install-with-cmake.patch install with cmake
Install the build cursors with cmake.

Also fail if required commands can not be found.
=?utf-8?q?Christian_G=C3=B6ttsche?= <> no 2020-05-11
silence-inkscape-output.patch silence inkscape output
Every call to inkscape prints the following output:

Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused
Failed to get connection
** (inkscape:18528): CRITICAL **: 15:48:06.682: dbus_g_proxy_new_for_name: assertion 'connection != NULL' failed

** (inkscape:18528): CRITICAL **: 15:48:06.682: dbus_g_proxy_call: assertion 'DBUS_IS_G_PROXY (proxy)' failed

** (inkscape:18528): CRITICAL **: 15:48:06.682: dbus_g_connection_register_g_object: assertion 'connection != NULL' failed

** (inkscape:18528): WARNING **: 15:48:06.795: Fonts dir '/usr/share/inkscape/fonts' does not exist and will be ignored.

They are caused by the minimal chroot and are non critical.
Especially in parallel builds these messages make the build log almost unreadable.
=?utf-8?q?Christian_G=C3=B6ttsche?= <> no 2020-05-12
add-cmake-cmake_minimum_required-command.patch add cmake cmake_minimum_required() command

As the used source is only a subdirectory of the upstream source it does
not contain a cmake_minimum_required() command.

Set the required version to the cmake version available in stable: 3.13
=?utf-8?q?Christian_G=C3=B6ttsche?= <> not-needed 2020-05-12
introduce-custom-cmake-targets.patch introduce custom cmake targets
Avoid multiple generation of dependent files
If timed badly this can cause parallel builds to fail
=?utf-8?q?Christian_G=C3=B6ttsche?= <> no 2020-05-12 Do not ship dolphin .directory entries =?utf-8?q?Christian_G=C3=B6ttsche?= <> no 2020-12-21
Add-no-drop-and-vertical-text-svg-images.patch Add no-drop and vertical-text svg images
vertical-text is xterm rotated
no-drop is a combination of grab and circle
=?utf-8?q?Christian_G=C3=B6ttsche?= <> no 2020-12-21

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