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Status for pacemaker/2.1.7-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
Enable-redirecting-etc-init.d-script-calls-to-system.patch Enable redirecting /etc/init.d/$script calls to systemd =?utf-8?q?Ferenc_W=C3=A1gner?= <> no 2015-12-17
Enable-the-init-scripts-on-multi-user-runlevels.patch Enable the init scripts on multi-user runlevels
Upstream does not find this a good idea (see 5b5acab vs fc11a46 and also, but Debian runs
installed daemons by default.
=?utf-8?q?Ferenc_W=C3=A1gner?= <> no 2016-02-28
Make-the-asciidoc-documentation-reproducible.patch Make the asciidoc documentation reproducible =?utf-8?q?Ferenc_W=C3=A1gner?= <> no 2016-03-04
alerts-make-the-scripts-executable.patch alerts: make the scripts executable =?utf-8?q?Ferenc_W=C3=A1gner?= <> no 2016-06-12
Always-run-Inkscape-under-the-C.UTF-8-locale.patch Always run Inkscape under the C.UTF-8 locale =?utf-8?q?Ferenc_W=C3=A1gner?= <> no 2020-11-18
Fix-typos-resouce-resource.patch Fix typos: resouce -> resource =?utf-8?q?Ferenc_W=C3=A1gner?= <> no 2022-07-03
Remove-references-to-the-build-directory.patch Remove references to the build directory
These break reproducibility. Running programs from the source
directory can be solved by setting environment variables.
=?utf-8?q?Ferenc_W=C3=A1gner?= <> no 2023-07-04
cts-do-not-capture-the-build-directory.patch cts: do not capture the build directory =?utf-8?q?Ferenc_W=C3=A1gner?= <> no 2023-09-28
python-clean-up-the-__pycache__-directories.patch python: clean up the __pycache__ directories =?utf-8?q?Ferenc_W=C3=A1gner?= <> no 2023-09-26
Always-format-time_t-values-as-long-long.patch Always format time_t values as long long
Conventionally it's signed long under the GNU C library, which is 32
bits on 32-bit architectures, but Glibc provides the __TIME_BITS==64
option, which makes it signed long long instead (64 bits) and makes no
difference on 64-bit architectures [1]. This enables using the %llu
conversion specifier uniformly across all supported architectures.
This got exposed by Debian recently transitioning to 64-bit time_t [2].

=?utf-8?q?Ferenc_W=C3=A1gner?= <> no 2024-03-22

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