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Status for pacman-package-manager/6.0.2-4

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bash-path.patch Set bash path to /bin/bash for reproducibility The build system finds the path to bash and replaces script headers
with it. This makes the build non-reproducible since some systems are
merged-usr and some are not. This patch makes tells the build system
to search specifically for /bin/bash instead of bash anywhere on PATH.
Ben Westover <> not-needed 2022-09-16
fix-shebangs.patch Replace /usr/bin/bash with /bin/bash in shebangs bash is located in /usr/bin on Arch Linux, which is the distribution
that this program was intended for. On Debian, it's located in /bin,
so the shebangs must be changed to make the scripts executable.
Ben Westover <> not-needed 2022-09-16
keyring-dir.patch Add meson option to specify alternative keyring directory The Debian package archlinux-keyring places its keyring in Debian's
standard directory of /usr/share/keyrings, but pacman is hard coded to
use /usr/share/pacman/keyrings. This patch adds a meson build option
to change that directory under /usr/share.
Daan De Meyer <> yes upstream 2022-09-16

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