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Status for phppgadmin/7.13.0+dfsg-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
localhost.patch Go through localhost instead of Unix-domain socket because localhost allows
password access by default on Debian; Unix-domain socket uses ident, which
doesn't work through the web server.

hide-selenium-tests Remove the link to the selenium tests These are not released but in sources, same as upstream. Jean-Michel Vourgère <> not-needed 2019-12-27
credit-utf8 Fix CREDITS file encoding Jean-Michel Vourgère <> no 2020-12-26
versionning-adodb5.21 Use ADOdb ServerInfo() to get pg version ADOdb version 5.21 no longer set pgVersion in connection variable
This uses ServerInfo() which is also available in current embedded
version of ADOdb.
As a consequence, pgVersion in phppgadmin is now a string, and no longer
a double. Tests now use version_compare() rather than numeric
Jean-Michel Vourgère <> yes 2020-12-26
php8 Fix for PHP8 each() is deprecated Jean-Michel Vourgère <> yes 2020-12-26
sequence_priviledge fix hasSequencePrivilege() Jean-Michel Vourgère <> yes 2020-12-26

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