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Status for plotutils/2.6-14

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01_AC_PROG_CXX.diff Invoke AC_PROG_CXX, autoreconf fails otherwise. Floris Bruynooghe <> yes
10_repair_postscript Repair postscript output Repairs postscript output with graph, libplot -Tps.
Original patch by Steve Tell.
11_manpages_sb_macro Repairs the indexing of .SB macro Floris Bruynooghe <> no
14_manpage_spline Correct the manpage of spline The --no-of-intervals argument is documented wrongly originally. Floris Bruynooghe <> no 2018-10-04
20_svg_attribute_syntax SVG attribute syntax fix This patch fixes a syntax error connected with SVG XML attributes.
See also the original report by the pstoedit upstream maintainer at
and the respective pstoedit bug in Debian:
Roland Stigge <> no
21_plot2svg_test.diff Fix plot2svg test. 20_svg_attribute_syntax introduces a whitespace change which breaks the
testsuite, update output file.
Andreas Metzler <> no vendor
25_libpng15 Fix libpng 1.5 build libpng-1.5 hides structure members from public view, this patch
adapts plotutils for this.
While Debian does not yet fix libpng 1.5 this will avoid future
Thomal Klausner <> invalid
30_hershey_glyphs Arithmetic overflow in Hershey pointing hands glyphs The glyphs 4040 and 4043 (large pointing hands) in
_pl_g_occidental_hershey_glyphs[] in libplot/a_her_glyph.c are
incorrect. There is an arithmetic overflow.
They where corrected by mirroing glyphs 4041 and 4042.
Roland Mnzberg <> invalid
31_fedora_plotutils-werror-format-security.patch Fix build error with -Werror=format-security.
diff --git a/pic2plot/gram.yy b/pic2plot/gram.yy
index d11320b..1bcce46 100644
Stanislav Ochotnicky <> yes
35_spline.test.error.diff Work around i386 testsuite error Andreas Metzler <> yes debian upstream vendor 2017-02-25
40_plotutils-configure-c99.patch C99 compatibility fixes for the plotutils configure script
Future C compilers will only support calling functions which are
declared. The attached patch is required to avoid changing the outcome
of configure checks with such compilers.

Related to:



Do not call the undeclared exit function. This avoids build problems
with future compilers which do not support implicit function
Florian Weimer <> no 2023-01-18
41_fix_clean_target.diff Delete another file on clean This broke building twice in a row. Andreas Metzler <> no debian vendor 2023-08-14

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