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0001-rename-bitcode_is_triple-to-pocl_bitcode_is_triple.patch [PATCH 1/4] rename bitcode_is_triple() to pocl_bitcode_is_triple() Andreas Beckmann <> no 2023-06-26
0002-rename-opencl_image_type_to_index-to-pocl_opencl_ima.patch [PATCH 2/4] rename opencl_image_type_to_index() to pocl_opencl_image_type_to_index() Andreas Beckmann <> no 2023-06-26
0003-fix-test_structs_as_args-on-i386.patch [PATCH 3/4] fix test_structs_as_args on i386
141/143 Test #85: regression/struct_kernel_arguments ..................................................***Failed Error regular expression found in output. Regex=[FAIL] 4.58 sec
CMake Error at /build/pocl-1.4/cmake/run_test.cmake:34 (message):
FAIL: Test exited with nonzero code (1):


F(4: 0 != 5) F(5: -2147483648 != 6) F(6: 0 != 7) F(7: 0 != 8)


-- OK

on i386, the default alignment is 4 for 64-bit types, too

the OpenCL standard is only explicit about alignment requirements for
OpenCL types, but not for the corresponding cl_* types in C
Andreas Beckmann <> no 2021-11-24
0004-improve-grouping-of-ENABLE_HOST_CPU_DEVICES-specific.patch [PATCH 4/4] improve grouping of ENABLE_HOST_CPU_DEVICES specific tests Andreas Beckmann <> no 2022-03-15
0028-add-llvm_cpu-to-the-long-device-name.patch [PATCH 28/42] add llvm_cpu to the long device name Andreas Beckmann <> no 2022-12-14
0035-rename-getX86KernelLibName-to-pocl_get_distro_kernel.patch [PATCH 35/42] rename getX86KernelLibName() to pocl_get_distro_kernellib_name() Andreas Beckmann <> no 2022-03-23
0036-use-a-more-generic-solution-for-pocl_get_distro_kern.patch [PATCH 36/42] use a more generic solution for pocl_get_distro_kernellib_name() Andreas Beckmann <> no 2022-03-23
0037-add-pocl_get_distro_cpu_name.patch [PATCH 37/42] add pocl_get_distro_cpu_name()
in distro builds, map each kernellib_name to a specific llvm_cpu
which is then used as compilation target instead of the native cpu

this limits the possible code generation targets in distro builds
in order to be able to run tests against all of them with a minimal
number of different (physical) CPU models
Andreas Beckmann <> no 2022-04-07
0038-_cl_device_id-add-const-char-kernellib_name.patch [PATCH 38/42] _cl_device_id: add const char* kernellib_name
determine the value at the same time as llvm_cpu, if possible
Andreas Beckmann <> no 2022-04-09
0039-allow-overriding-kernellib_name-for-distro-builds-wi.patch [PATCH 39/42] allow overriding kernellib_name for distro builds with POCL_KERNELLIB_NAME

the kernellib_name (and corresponding llvm_cpu) can be overridden
to a target with a subset of the features supported by the current cpu

this will allow running e.g. code generation and tests for sse2 (but no
newer features) on a modern cpu
Andreas Beckmann <> no 2022-04-09
0040-support-overriding-the-runtime-cpu-detection-with-PO.patch [PATCH 40/42] support overriding the runtime cpu detection with POCL_LLVM_CPU_NAME Andreas Beckmann <> no 2022-03-15
0041-disable-the-device-if-kernellib-or-cpu-detection-fai.patch [PATCH 41/42] disable the device if kernellib or cpu detection failed Andreas Beckmann <> no 2023-08-06
generic-cpu.patch add support for a GENERIC cpu type that uses llvm defaults Andreas Beckmann <> not-needed
distro.patch tune distro mode Andreas Beckmann <> not-needed
timeout.patch kill hanging tests after 30 minutes Andreas Beckmann <> no
no-rc.patch this is not a release candidate Andreas Beckmann <> not-needed
blhc.patch drop redundant pie flags to make blhc happy pie is enabled by default on Debian Andreas Beckmann <> not-needed

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