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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
timestamp.patch Corrects the option --timestamp to use ISO 8601 For the printout of the timestamp not as the Perl-typical localtime but in
an ISO 8601 format. ISO 8601 is a standard for dates and times which is
suitable (agnostic; only numbers) for international use.
Note: although the upstream tracker list this bug as fixed in 0.42,
this patch is not applied.
Jari Aalto <> yes debian 2012-04-11
fix-producer-version.patch Fix to report correct version This fix will fix the "Producer: App::pod2pdf version unknown" bug. Guo Yixuan <> yes upstream 2012-04-11
manpage-section.patch Change pod2pdf's manpage extension to .1p Guo Yixuan no 2012-04-11
allow-float.patch Allow float point number in options These options are affected: --page-width, --page-height, --left-margin,
--right-margin, --top-margin, --bottom-margin, and --margins.
They used to only allow integer as parameter.
Guo Yixuan <> yes upstream
overlapping-text.patch Fix for overlapping text When the last word in a text paragraph occur on a new page, it will overlap
with the next paragraph. (This usually happens when the page size is small.)
Reason: When $word is the last word in a paragraph,
in $self->print_word($word), newline() called linefeed(), then formfeed(), and
formfeed() resets print_flag. Then {x,y}-position are not changed until the
first word in the next paragraph, so it overlaps with previous word.
Guo Yixuan <> yes upstream
add-outlines.patch New feature to add outlines An option (--outlines) to enable adding outlines in pdf. Guo Yixuan <> yes debian

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