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Status for prelude-manager/5.2.0-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
001-conf_db.patch Change DB conf Pierre Chifflier <> not-needed 2020-09-28
002-text-spelling.patch Fix spelling Thomas Andrejak <> invalid 2020-09-28
003-Use-pkgconfig-for-libprelude-and-libpreludedb.patch Move from libpreludedb-config to pkg-config The configure file check if libpreludedb is really installed
and is working through libpreludedb-config. libpreludedb-config is
an old way to get compile flags. Now we have to use pkg-config to
get these flags. Update the configure (and so the libpreludedb.m4 file)
to use pkg-config during the tests.
Thomas Andrejak <> invalid 2020-09-28
004-fix_cond_test.patch Fix libmissing cond test Thomas Andrejak <> yes 2019-10-11
005-fix-test_rwlock1.patch Fix test-rwlock1 when --as-needed is the default. Michael Hudson-Doyle <> yes 2018-07-25
006-fix_thread_create.patch Fix libmissing thread create test Thomas Andrejak <> yes 2019-10-11
007-libxml_pkgconfig.patch migrate libxml detection to pkgconfig Thomas Andrejak <> invalid 2020-02-24
008-Fix_adduser-with-home-var-run.patch Fix adduser-with-home-var-run Thomas Andrejak <> not-needed 2020-02-24
009-fix-gnutls-deps.patch Fix GNUTLS deps Thomas Andrejak <> invalid 2020-09-28
010-Disable_GnuLib_Tests_perror2_strerror.patch [PATCH] perror, strerror_r: remove unportable tests
Problem reported by Florian Weimer in:
* tests/test-perror2.c (main):
* tests/test-strerror_r.c (main): Omit unportable tests.
Paul Eggert <> not-needed 2020-08-27

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