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Status for proda/1.0-13

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-fix_gcc4.3_warnings.patch Corrects deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’. invalid
02-fix_CXXFLAGS.patch Patch for stricter use of CXXFLAGS. CXXFLAGS is a "user variable" that can be overridden at compilation time. The
Debian build system overrides CXXFLAGS, breaking ProDA's build system that
relies on it to pass -DVERSION="\"1.00\"" to the compiler. This patch replaces
OTHERFLAGS by CPPFLAGS. This makes sure that -DVERSION="\"1.00\"" is passed to
the compiler for proda as well as all the .o files (build by implicit rule),
even if CXXFLAGS is overridden. More information on user variables can be found at
03-fix_FTBFS_gcc4.3_missing_includes.patch Patch for compiling with g++-4.3. GCC 4.3 has a stricter requirements for the declaration of includes. Without
this patch, ProDA would not build with g++4.3.
04-honour_CXX.patch honour_CXX no
05-fix_FTBFS_with_GCC6.patch fix_FTBFS_with_GCC6 no
hardening.patch propagate hardening options Andreas Tille <> no 2016-01-11

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