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Status for proot/5.1.0-1.3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
Install-proot-into-DESTDIR-usr-bin.patch Install proot into $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/ Rémi Duraffort <> not-needed 2015-01-27
Fix-man-syntax.diff Correct typographic mistakes in the manpage
Rémi Duraffort <> invalid 2015-01-27
arm64.patch diff -ru proot-5.1.0.orig/src/arch.h proot-5.1.0/src/arch.h no
fix-use-of-size Fix use of size Nicolas Cornu <> yes debian upstream 2015-07-29
disable-seccomp-based-tracing-performanc Disable seccomp-based tracing performance improvement
It is faster (according to upstream documentation), but on current
(4.8.4+) kernels it just segfaults. Software that works slowly seems
better than software that doesn't work at all.
Simon McVittie <> yes upstream 2017-01-14
0001-Properly-filter-the-renameat2-syscall-introduced-in-.patch [PATCH] Properly filter the renameat2 syscall introduced in Linux v3.15.

Handle the renameat2 syscall analogous to renameat, as their only
difference is an additional flags attribute, which isn't relevant to
the path based adjustments performed by proot.

Removed erroneous syscall entry from arm64 table.
Kimon Hoffmann <> no 2018-10-10

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