Debian Patches

Status for psicode/3.4.0-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01_DESTDIR.patch Upstream misses to support DESTDIR in a few cases. Michael Banck <> invalid
07_464867_move_executables.patch Add /usr/lib/psi to the $PATH so that the moved executables are found. Michael Banck <> no debian
08_525758_ftbfs_with_gcc44.patch Fix FTBFS with GCC 4.4. Daniel Leidert <> no debian
09_system_libint.patch Use system libint, no not build and link in the shipped libint code. Michael Banck <> no
10_makerules_doc.patch Build postscript file as default target and remove some more generated files on realclean. Michael Banck <> no
11_testsuite.patch Add CCSD(T)/CASSCF geometry optimizations and CC2/EOM-CCSD/MRCCenergies to quicktests and do not exit immediately if a test fails. Michael Banck <> no
12_613088_fix_manpage.patch Remove the mangling of the main psi3 manpage with macros. Michael Banck <> no debian
13_parallel-make.patch Fix an FTBFS. unknown no debian
14_fix_typos.patch Fix typos and spelling errors. Daniel Leidert <> no
15_713570_gcc-4.8_ftbfs.patch no

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