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Status for purity/1-20

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-fix-typo-in-README.patch fix typo in README Aaron Howell <> no 1999-01-09
0002-Fixed-two-buffer-overflows.patch Fixed two buffer overflows Martin Schulze <> no 2002-09-10
0003-make-purity-build-on-SYSV-platforms-using-termios.patch make purity build on SYSV platforms using termios
This patch updates purity to use termios on systems which are build
with sysv defined. Updating purity to termios allows purity to run on
GNU/Linux and GNU/HURD equally well. This patch is needed to compile
purity on GNU HURD.
James A Morrison <> no debian 2001-07-29
0004-fix-stty-settings-munging.patch fix stty settings munging Alan Shutko <> no debian 2001-09-19
0005-moved-to-FHS-comformant-positions.patch moved to FHS comformant positions Duncan Findlay <> no debian 2001-09-20
0006-fix-segmentation-fault-when-saving-high-scores.patch fix segmentation fault when saving high scores
purity segfaults when trying to save the high-score file, this is
because it does not check if getlogin() returns NULL, and tries to use
it anyway.
Gergely Nagy <> no debian 2001-10-03
0007-move-scorefile-out-of-LIBDIR.patch move scorefile out of LIBDIR
instead of hardcoding it like previous patches, allow it to be given
via preprocessor flag.
Bernhard R. Link <> no 2011-10-05
0008-avoid-some-compiler-warnings.patch avoid some compiler warnings Bernhard R. Link <> no 2011-10-05
0009-fix-spelling-error-in-manpage.patch fix spelling error in manpage
lintian says it is preceded and not preceeded...
Bernhard R. Link <> no 2011-10-05

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