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Add-quotes-to-SOAPAction-header-in-SoapClient.patch [PATCH] Add quotes to SOAPAction header in SoapClient
According to the SOAP standard, the 'SOAPAction' HTTP field must be
quoted by double quotes unless the URI is empty and 'there is no
indication of the intent of the message' [1].

Not having proper quoting leads to gupnp based devices reply with invalid
XML. While there is a proposed fix for that to handle unquoted requests more
gracefully [2], the real issue in SoapClient implementation.

Daniel Mack <> yes upstream 2018-03-02
fix-httplib2-version-check.patch Fix version check for httplib2 Sandro Tosi, no 2024-02-25
reorder-type-check-to-avoid-a-TypeError.patch [PATCH] reorder type check to avoid a TypeError
Using a list or dict as return of a SOAP method led to an error:
File "pysimplesoap/", line 372, in parse_element
if v in TYPE_MAP.keys():
TypeError: unhashable type: 'list'

Reorder the type check and add a comment to avoid this error.
Benedikt Spranger <> no 2016-01-20
Support-integer-values-in-maxOccurs-attribute.patch [PATCH] Support integer values in maxOccurs attribute
With the following complex type:
<element name="selectedContractList" nillable="true" type="tns1:selectedContractList"/>
<complexType name="selectedContractList">
<element maxOccurs="25" minOccurs="1" name="selectedContract" type="xsd:string"/>

pysimplesoap would generate the following key in the services description:

This does not allow the input of multiple values in any way. I was expecting to
be able to pass this:
'selectedContractList': [ {'selectedContract': '...'}, … ]

But this would result in "TypeError: unhashable type: 'dict'" in the
wsdl_validate_params() method. See full traceback below.

With this patch, I'm now able to pass the desired structure.

Full traceback of the unexpected error:
=?UTF-8?q?Rapha=C3=ABl=20Hertzog?= <> no 2018-07-18
PR204.patch [PATCH] Remove inspect for Python 3.11 compatibility
Fixes issue in pyafipws:
/opt/hostedtoolcache/Python/3.11.0/x64/lib/python3.11/site-packages/pysimplesoap/[14]( in <module>
if 'timeout' in inspect.getargspec(httplib2.Http.__init__)[0]:
E AttributeError: module 'inspect' has no attribute 'getargspec'
Mariano Reingart <> no 2022-11-21
python3.12.patch Replace distutils by setuptools Andreas Tille <> no debian 2024-02-25

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