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Status for python-pyramid-zcml/1.0.0-1.2

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fix-pyramid-1.8.patch # adapted from 29b459a5629524e7401c9de00a190936151cdbe5

fix-authkit.patch [PATCH] Accomodate updated AuthTkt. Tres Seaver <> no 2015-02-04
fix-pyramid-1.8-2.patch [PATCH] Use IExceptionViewClassifier for compatibility with Pyramid 1.8. Florian Schulze <> no 2017-01-24
fix-pyramid-1.8-3.patch [PATCH] Fix TestAssetDirective test
This test is using internal API within Pyramid that was changed in
Pyramid 1.6 (the default installed because it was released). This test
fixes the test to verify correctness, but because it is using internal
API the test is extremely brittle.
Bert JW Regeer <> no 2016-01-19
remove-mako-tests.patch =================================================================== no
fix-venusian.patch [PATCH] Accomodate recent Venusian. Tres Seaver <> no 2015-02-04
fix-path.patch [PATCH] Module's '__path__' is supposed to be a list ot strings, or None. Tres Seaver <> no 2019-01-08

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