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Status for python3.10/3.10.13-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
deb-setup.diff C compiler flags: 1. Don't duplicate /usr/local in gcc search paths.
FIXME: Not sure why.
2. Respect CPPFLAGS
deb-locations.diff Debian: Adjust locations of directories to debian policy not-needed
distutils-install-layout.diff Debian: Add a distutils option --install-layout=deb This option:
- installs into $prefix/dist-packages instead of $prefix/site-packages.
- doesn't encode the python version into the egg name.
We install modules into dist-packages so that a local admin can build their
own cpython from source, and they won't see each others' installed modules.
This keeps Debian packaged applications working correctly, isolated from the
local cpython.
Customize to import from Debian's dist-packages layout.
locale-module.diff Use glibc's name for the UTF-8 locale FIXME: back story? no
distutils-link.diff distutils: Don't add standard library dirs to library_dirs and runtime_library_dirs. On amd64, runtime paths pointing to /usr/lib64 aren't recognized by
dpkg-shlibdeps, and the packages containing these libraries aren't added to
distutils-sysconfig.diff distutils: Use python's compiler arguments by default Get CONFIGURE_CFLAGS, CONFIGURE_CPPFLAGS, CONFIGURE_LDFLAGS from
the python build, when CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, LDSHARED) are not set
in the environment.
sysconfig-debian-schemes.diff no
tkinter-import.diff Suggest installation of python3-tk package We split Tk out into a separate binary package. Help users who try to import
it, without it installed.
gdbm-import.diff Debian: Suggest installation of python3-gdbm package We split gdbm out into a separate binary package. Help users who try to import
it, without it installed.
link-opt.diff Call the linker with -O1 -Bsymbolic-functions FIXME: Why? Why -O1? no
setup-modules.diff Configure linking for C-library wrapping modules Use the system C libraries, rather than sources bundled with cPython, or
anything from /usr/local.
profiled-build.diff Ignore errors in the profile task. FIXME: Back story? no
langpack-gettext.diff Ubuntu: Support separate langpack packages Support alternative gettext tree in /usr/share/locale-langpack; if a file is
present in both trees, prefer the newer one.
Ubuntu collates gettext from packages on the DVD into language packs, to
reduce disk-space on the image.
This is Ubuntu-Specific.
disable-sem-check.diff Debian: Don't autodetect whether semephores are present Assume working semaphores, don't rely on running kernel for the check.
Build machine != Target machine.
lib-argparse.diff Debian: Degrade argparse gracefully without gettext python3.X-minimal includes argparse but not gettext. Use a fallback noop
gettext, if it can't be imported.
ctypes-arm.diff Arch: Workaround the presence of hard-float in ldconfig -p output. Also, handle the wide variety of ARM unames. Loc Minier invalid
multiarch.diff Debian: Configure multiarch tuple. 1. Expose multiarchsubdir in sysconfig.
2. Return the multiarch include dir in distutils.
3. Install the .pc file into the multiarch path.
lib2to3-no-pickled-grammar.diff Arch: Ignore grammer pickle mis-matches in lib2to3. Pickle files encode the endian of the arch that built them. They are
architecture-independent, but there isn't a canonical endianness, both are
handled on load.
ext-no-libpython-link.diff Don't link extensions with the shared libpython library FIXME: Still needed since 3.8? no
test-no-random-order.diff Don't run the test suite in random order. not-needed
multiarch-extname.diff Debian: Make sure to rename extensions to a tag including the MULTIARCH name this patch can be dropped for python3.5 final, if the upstream chage is kept.
FIXME: so, can we drop it?
tempfile-minimal.diff Debian: Degrade tempfile gracefully without shutil python3.X-minimal includes tempfile but not shutil. Use a fallback racy
rmtree, if shutil can't be imported.
disable-some-tests.diff Arch: Disable some failing tests we are not interested in no
ensurepip-disabled.diff Disable ensurepip for the system installation We have a python3-pip package, for users who want pip.
We just need ensurepip to seed pip in virtual environments.
mangle-fstack-protector.diff Support gcc < 4.9 When using GCC versions older than 4.9, automagically mangle
-fstack-protector-strong to -fstack-protector
FIXME: Still needed?
reproducible-buildinfo.diff Build reproduceable date and time into build info Build information is encoded into getbuildinfo.o at build time.
Use the date and time from the debian changelog, to make this reproduceable.
pydoc-use-pager.diff pydoc: use the pager command if available Debian file pagers register the "pager" alternative, so if any pager is
available, /usr/bin/pager will exist, and point to the best pager available.
local-doc-references.diff Debian: Reference the local path to the documentation not-needed
doc-build-texinfo.diff Add the option to build Texinfo-format documentation. Benjamin Moody <> yes debian 2017-11-27
build-math-object.diff Arch: Don't build builtins like math.o with -fPIC Fixes build failure on on Debian/kFreeBSD.
FIXME: Why? Remove noop sed from debian/rules?
argparse-no-shutil.diff Debian: Degrade argparse gracefully without shutil python3.X-minimal includes argparse but not shutil. Use a fixed terminal
width, if shutil can't be imported.
sysconfigdata-name.diff Don't encode the MACHDEP into the _sysconfigdata file name. Unfortunately on KFreeBSD MACHDEP includes the kernel version, so you end up
with a changing MACHDEP.
hurd_kfreebsd_thread_native_id.diff Implement the native thread ids for the Hurd and KFreeBSD Samuel Thibault yes debian
sphinx3.diff Allow building with Sphinx >= 3.2 Additionally: Disable sphinx warnings no upstream,
destshared-location.diff Keep the lib-dynload dir in the same place when configuring with --libdir=/usr/bin/$(DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH)
FIXME: Expand?
fix-py_compile.diff Fix regression byte-compiling filenames from stdin yes
reproducible-pyc.diff [PATCH] Serialize frozenset elements deterministically Brandt Bucher <> no 2021-08-23
fix-ia64.diff [PATCH] bpo-45526: obmalloc radix use 64 addr bits (GH-29062) Neil Schemenauer <> no 2021-10-21
gh-78214.diff ``marshal.dumps()`` uses ``FLAG_REF`` for all interned strings. This makes
output more deterministic and helps reproducible build.

diff --git a/Python/marshal.c b/Python/marshal.c
index bbe67e3379fd9..90a4405091800 100644

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