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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
tst_qmldiskcache_big_endian.patch make tst_qmldiskcache::regenerateAfterChange() pass on big endian systems no upstream, 2021-02-11
qquickitem_no_signals_on_destruction.patch QQuickItem: avoid emitting signals during destruction If a QQuickItem is in the QQuickItem destructor, then it is both unsafe
and unnecessary to emit property change notifications. Connected code
can no longer rely on the state of the emitting object - if it was
originally a subclass of QQuickItem, then those subclass destructors
will already have run. And the QQuickItem destructor will also have
partially run, leaving the object in an undefined state.
Add a flag that we set to true at the top of ~QQuickItem, and don't emit
visibleChildrenChanged, parentChanged, visibleChanged, and
childrenChanged for items that are partially destroyed already.
[ChangeLog][Qt Quick][QQuickItem] QQuickItem no longer emits change
notifications for the parent, children, visible, and visibleChildren
properties while it is being destroyed.
no upstream, 2023-02-26
disableopengltests.patch Disable all tests that fails with xvfb So far some tests need real OpenGL support Sandro Knau <> not-needed Debian 2019-03-14
fix_test_remove_qlibraryinfo.patch Make sure that tests run with just compiled versions of tools Sandro Knau <> no Debian 2020-09-08
wait_for_window_exposed.patch use qWaitForWindowExposed instead of qWaitForWindowActive The qWaitForWindowActive() function returns false when the test is
run inside Xvfb and there is no window manager.
Dmitry Shachnev <> no 2019-04-21
remove_youtube_iframe.patch replace YouTube iframe with YouTube link Dmitry Shachnev <> not-needed 2019-12-19
riscv64-latomic.patch link with -latomic on riscv64 Aurelien Jarno <> no 2020-01-01
python3.patch make qtdeclarative build with Python 3 Antonio Larrosa <> invalid OpenSUSE, 2020-01-01

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