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cherry-pick.v0.67-29-gf73f8d7.avoid-warnings-with-grep-3-8.patch Avoid warnings with grep 3.8
GNU grep version 3.8 became more strict about needless quoting in
patterns. We have one occurrence of that in quilt, where "/"
characters are being quoted by default. There are cases where they
indeed need to be quoted (typically when used in a sed s/// command)
but most of the time they do not, and this results in the following

grep: warning: stray \ before /

So rename quote_bre() to quote_sed_re(), and introduce
quote_grep_re() which does not quote "/".

Signed-off-by: Jean Delvare <>
no debian v0.67-29-gf73f8d7 <> 2022-09-09
quilt-init adds a simple "quilt init" that creates the needed meta-data Martin Quinson <> no Vendor
dep3mail allow mail command to grab the mail title from dep3 formalism If the patch is formatted according to
then the mail subcommand will manage to extract a mail subject and
description out of this formalism.
check_SERIES_exists verbose error message when the series file does not exist Displays an error message when the $SERIES
file does not exist, and when run in verbose mode.
no debian
setup-dont-read-pc setup don't obey the settings of any englobing .pc .
This is mainly intended to get the setup.test working even if the
debian package contains a .pc directory. Without this patch, the
debian packaging stuff will get the testsuite using debian/patches
instead of patches (because it's the way it goes in our .pc). The
test breaks with that setting.
The patch changes the setup command to not take the settings of any
.pc directory found, and reset QUILT_PC QUILT_PATCHES and QUILT_SERIES
to their default values.
invalid debian
restrict-patch-names Enforce valid patch names Allowing patch names to contain spaces would require major changes
(such as the format of the series file), so we'd better detect that
the user tries to use spaces in the patch name, and refuse it.
Also, refuse patches named series, as it would result in awful
corruptions of the internal state.
Martin Quinson no
fail_on_missing Verbosly fail when trying to push a non existant patch Useful if there is a typo in the serie file.
This can be overriden by providing -f.
This patch was refused by upstream:
We need to think again about it to see how to rework it to make it
more acceptable.
invalid debian
shell-subcommand Implement a new "quilt shell" command The command launches a shell in a duplicate environment. After exiting
the shell, any modifications made in this environment are applied to the
topmost patch.
Josselin Mouette <> invalid debian
use-sensible-editor default the value of EDITOR with Debian's sensible-editor instead of vi the original bug that triggered this change was that quilt doesn't honour $VISUAL Ryan Niebur <> not-needed debian
dep3_headers Adds the --dep3 option to include a DEP-3 template in the header. .
Intensively using quilt for Debian packages and trying to adopt the
DEP-3 Patch Tagging Guidelines for my patches, I often get to go on to find the correct fields.
The proposed patch adds a --dep3 option to "quilt -e header" that
adds a template fed to $EDITOR if the header is empty. The
template contains all fields and documents them, with indications of
Didier Raboud <> no debian vendor 2012-02-02
push_timeskew ensure that all mtime of modified files are equal when pushing This is intended to avoid time skew in build systems in some cases.
See the discussion for more
context information.
no debian
manpage-typo.patch Manpage typo no
fix-failing-tests Fix failing tests with Debian version of quilt Due to the patch "fail_on_missing", Debian's quilt will not
return the expected output if a patch is empty. Therefore,
we need to pass "-f" to make it apply the patch anyway.
Dr. Tobias Quathamer <> not-needed
fix-faildiff-test.patch Fix intermittently failing test Due to an exchanged output order of stdout and stderr,
the test sometimes fails.
Simon McVittie <> no debian

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