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Status for renderdoc/1.27+dfsg-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-use-debian-glslang-for-renderdoc-spirv-driver.patch use debian glslang for renderdoc spirv driver
Update for SPIR-V changes needed for 1.5+dfsg-2. These fix FTBRS in
Jordan Justen <> no 2018-06-27
0002-Install-python-module-under-usr-lib-python3-dist-pac.patch Install python module under /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages Jordan Justen <> no 2019-06-07
0004-renderdoc-Use-libstb-if-found-by-cmake.patch renderdoc: Use libstb if found by cmake Jordan Justen <> no 2020-03-09
This can build useful when trying to build renderdoc on unsupported
platforms. For example, if trying to build renderdoc on ARM, but
without targeting ANDROID, the compressonator code will fail to
compile. Instead of depending on the BUILD_ANDROID flag, we can use
the RENDERDOC_X86 flag.
Jordan Justen <> no 2020-07-29
0005-replay-Only-support-compressonator-on-x86.patch replay: Only support compressonator on x86 Jordan Justen <> no 2020-07-29
0006-linux_process-Only-use-ptrace-for-x86-family-process.patch linux_process: Only use ptrace for x86 family processors
Although ptrace should be usable for other processor families, for now
simply skipping the paths seems to work. I tested this by skipping the
ptrace paths on x86.
Jordan Justen <> no 2020-07-28
0007-renderdoc-serialise-Add-DoStringise-const-long-el-fo.patch renderdoc/serialise: Add DoStringise(const long &el) for 32-bit x86 on GCC

linux_process.cpp was generating linker errors:

undefined reference to `rdcstr DoStringise<long>(long const&)
Jordan Justen <> no 2020-07-24
0008-renderdoc-Patch-for-glslang-11.1.0.patch renderdoc: Patch for glslang 11.1.0 Jordan Justen <> no 2021-01-31
0009-driver-vulkan-Fix-misspelling-avilable-available.patch driver/vulkan: Fix misspelling: avilable => available Jordan Justen <> no 2021-08-25
0010-drivers-spirv-Fix-misspelling-paramaters-parameters.patch drivers/spirv: Fix misspelling: paramaters => parameters Jordan Justen <> no 2021-08-25
0011-renderdoc-Fix-misspelling-preceeded-preceded.patch renderdoc: Fix misspelling: preceeded => preceded Jordan Justen <> no 2021-08-25
0012-renderdoc-Fix-misspelling-existance-existence.patch renderdoc: Fix misspelling: existance => existence Jordan Justen <> no 2021-08-25
0013-renderdoc-Fix-misspelling-auxilliary-auxiliary.patch renderdoc: Fix misspelling: auxilliary => auxiliary Jordan Justen <> no 2021-08-25
0014-renderdoc-Fix-misspelling-matadata-metadata.patch renderdoc: Fix misspelling: matadata => metadata Jordan Justen <> no 2021-08-25
0015-renderdoc-Fix-misspelling-occuring-occurring.patch renderdoc: Fix misspelling: occuring => occurring Jordan Justen <> no 2021-08-25
0016-qrenderdoc-Fix-misspelling-hiearchy-hierarchy.patch qrenderdoc: Fix misspelling: hiearchy => hierarchy Jordan Justen <> no 2021-08-25
0017-renderdoc-Fix-misspelling-persistant-persistent.patch renderdoc: Fix misspelling: persistant => persistent
This was just some strings and a comment, but the misspelling appears
in a number of places in code to. For example, the qrenderdoc
PersistantConfig class.
Jordan Justen <> no 2021-08-25
0018-renderdoc-Patch-for-glslang-11.12.0.patch renderdoc: Patch for glslang 11.12.0 Jordan Justen <> no 2022-12-10

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