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Status for ri-li/2.0.1+ds2-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix-gcc4.3-ftbfs.patch fix gcc4.3 ftbfs Debian Games Team <> no 2014-04-17
fix-compiler-warnings.patch fix compiler warnings Markus Koschany <> no 2014-04-17
link-with-X11.patch link with X11
Apparently some build environments require that X11 is manually linked to avoid
random build failures.
Markus Koschany <> no debian 2017-02-20
no-sdl-timers-for-makedat.patch Don't init SDL timers when running MakeDat
It doesn't use timers (there are no calls to SDL_AddTimer), and the
binaries generated and moved to the data directory are identical.

When it initialised timers and was run with xvfb-run on a single-cpu buildd,
SDL failed to initialise.
Steve Cotton <> no debian 2017-02-19
GCC11.patch GCC11 Markus Koschany <> no 2021-10-14

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