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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
gcc-4.8.patch Fix build error with gcc-4.8 by adding string.h Andreas Tille <> no
hardening.patch Propagate hardening options Andreas Tille <> no 2015-12-11
fixmanpage.patch Fix manpage syntax Andreas Tille <> no 2015-12-11
mayhem_check_if_file_exists.patch Check if file exists before opening Andreas Tille <> no debian 2015-12-11
fix_loop_index.patch Fix issues that are becoming visible on arm but might be a problem on all architectures.
Is it because of this:
energy.c:539:53: note: within this loop
for(i=0;i<ALPHASIZE;i++) for(j=0;j<ALPHASIZE;j++) for(k=0;k<=ALPHASIZE;k++) dr_dangle_dg_ar[i][j][k] = 0;
Perhaps that k<= in the k loop should be < like in the i and j loops so it doesn't go beyond the end of the array.
ALPHASIZE is 6, so the k loop would try go one too far. Every array allocated with ALPHASIZE certainly don't add one anywhere, so any look going from 0 to ALPHASIZE must use < not <= so there are two places in the file that are wrong.
Lennart Sorensen <> no debian 2017-09-26
fix_warnings.patch Fix spurious warnings that might in fact be errors Lennart Sorensen <> no 2017-09-26
fix-implicit-declaration.patch fix implicit declaration of calloc from stdlib.h. √Čtienne Mollier <> no 2023-01-07

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