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0001-hide-kernel-symbols.patch hide kernel symbols
ROCSPARSE_KERNEL exists because the early versions of HIP for Windows
did not use weak symbols for kernels even when they were inline. While
it was defined in a public header, the define was intended for internal
use within the library, adding `static` on Windows to work around that

This patch adds `static` to Linux as well. It seems that kernels are
unaffected by -fvisibility=hidden. To ensure that there are no name
collisions between rocSPARSE kernels and application kernels, the
rocSPARSE kernels will be marked as static.
Cordell Bloor <> no 2022-12-02
0002-remove-unnecessary-git-dependency.patch remove unnecessary git dependency Cordell Bloor <> no 2022-12-10
0003-fix-oob-access-in-rocsparse-test.patch fix out-of-bounds access in rocsparse-test
The rocsparse tests occasionally create a pointer to one past the end
of a vector using &vec[idx] where idx == vec.size(), but this is not a
valid construct. When hardening is enabled, the out-of-bounds index
access triggers a failure.

It is valid to create a pointer to one past the end of a vector. The
problem is specifically the use of operator[] to do so.
Cordell Bloor <> no 2023-03-07

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