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debian-changes Collected Debian patches for roodi
The roodi package is maintained in Git rather than maintaining
patches as separate files, and separating the patches doesn't seem to
be worth the effort. They are therefore all included in this single
Debian patch.

For full commit history and separated commits, see the packaging Git
David Suarez <> no
fix_outdated_test.patch [PATCH] fix outdated test Dave Aronson <> no debian 2018-10-30
use_file_from_spec.patch Use a file from spec/ instead of lib/ for tests during autopkgtest, the lib/ directory is hidden. Using it causes a test
Cdric Boutillier <> not-needed 2019-01-02
case_syntax.patch colon syntax in case/when deprecated Cdric Boutillier <> yes debian 2021-02-10
yaml_unsafe_load.patch explicitly use unsafe_load_file to read YAML config Starting from ruby3.1, load_file is safe and won't read Ruby objects from
non explicitly permitted classes. The config file may contain Ruby regexp,
which are not explicitly permitted by default, and the syntax to allow this
class is not compatible with the previous syntax in Ruby3.0 and earlier.

Can be removed once ruby3.1 is the default
Cdric Boutillier <> no debian 2022-10-19
0006-Fix-FTBFS-with-Ruby-3.2.patch Fix FTBFS with Ruby 3.2
Replace File.exists? with File.exist?
Lucas Kanashiro <> no 2024-02-22

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