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01_unbreak_makefile.diff allow package to build via debian/rules
Upstream objects to this:

13:57 <siretart> hyc: this allows building rtmpdump when your makefile is executed via
another makefile
13:57 <hyc> siretart: the BSD guys will object
13:57 <siretart> hyc: this is the case for debian packages, debian/rules, the main
buildscript, is implementd in make
13:57 <hyc> make -C only works with gnumake
13:57 <hyc> look in the svn history, you'll see that it used to use make -C
13:57 <siretart> hm, then I'll probably need to carry a local distro patch
13:59 <hyc> and why doesn't $(MAKE) $(MAKEFLAGS) work?
14:00 <siretart> symptom: 'no rule to make target "w"'
14:01 <hyc> that's a gmake bug
14:04 <siretart> hm. probably. the use of MAKEFLAGS is at least described in the gmake manual
5.7.3 not-needed
02_gnutls_requires.private.diff Move gnutls/nettle/hogweed to .private librtmp'headers do not expose gnutls' headers (or its dependencies), move
them from Requires to Requires.private.
Upstream agrees that this is correct but wants to support for broken
archs and static-lib-only installations:
* 0d44da9f5f5a4aa7cd64566c64d89d2fb392e3ef
"Include the nettle/hogweed crypto libraries in the pkg-config file
These libraries are linked and used as directly as we use gnutls
itself. This fixes linking for callers if librtmp is built
statically or if the linker doesn't support transitive linking."
Andreas Metzler <> not-needed debian vendor 2014-04-26
03_suppress_warning.diff Suppress warning William King <> no 2015-03-29

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