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Status for ruby-dataobjects/0.10.17-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0030_deactivate_asynchronous_shared_spec.patch Mark as pending a test about asynchronous command The shared test "should finish within 2 seconds" currently fails with
ruby-dataobjects-mysql on Debian FreeBSD and Hurd. Temporarily mark it as
pending on these architectures to allow packages to build.
C├ędric Boutillier <> yes debian upstream 2012-05-24
0040-require-its.patch Require 'rspec/its' Tests use 'its'. So, made spec_helper require 'rspec/its' Balasankar C <> no 2015-07-21
0050-tests-support-rspec3.patch Make test files support RSpec3 The test files are tweaked to support RSpec 3 syntax Balasankar C <> no 2015-07-21
0060-lib-spec-support-rspec3.patch Make distributed spec files support RSpec3 The spec files inside lib/data_objects/spec/ have to support RSpec3 for other
packages to work. Made them RSpec3 happy
Balasankar C <> no 2015-07-21
0005-Do-not-call-new-method-for-BigDecimal.patch Do not call new method for BigDecimal
The BigDecimal type does not provide a new method.
Lucas Kanashiro <> no 2020-02-04

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