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Status for ruby-fakeweb/1.3.0+git20170806+dfsg1-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
no_bundler_simplecov.patch do not use bundler or simplecov in tests Cédric Boutillier <> not-needed vendor 2018-03-14
fix_print_file_string_options_deprecation_warning.patch fix detection of external caller for deprecation warnings take into account Debian installation path for Ruby libraries. Cédric Boutillier <> no vendor 2014-05-02
deactivate_google_tests.patch deactivate tests using test/fixtures/google_response_* those files have been deleted when repacking Cédric Boutillier <> not-needed 2018-03-14
skip_session_test.patch Skip_session_test Skip failing test.
skip-test-requiring-net-and-failing.patch Skip tests that require net and are failing. Utkarsh Gupta <> no debian 2020-04-02
relax-rake.patch Relax rake to fix autopkgtest Utkarsh Gupta <> no 2020-04-02
fix-ruby3.0-FTBFS.patch Use instead of the Kernel#open API which is removed in 3.0 Nilesh Patra <> no 2021-10-23

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