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Status for ruby-localhost/1.1.9-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
Drop-coverd-rspec.patch adjust-dependency
Debian Ruby Team <> no 2021-08-29
0002-Add-require-async-rspec.patch Add require 'async/rspec' Hideki Yamane <> no 2021-08-29
0003-gemspec-drop-signing-key.patch gemspec: drop signing key Antonio Terceiro <> no 2021-11-05
0004-Skip-curl-tests.patch Skip curl tests
For some reason the server created during the tests does not work
against curl. Extracting it and putting it on a script to test against a
real web browser (Firefox) does not work either. On the other hand,
openssl s_client against that same server just work, so I assume this
home made implementation of a HTTP server in the tests is broken and it
says nothing about the actual functionality of the package.
Antonio Terceiro <> no 2023-02-07
0005-Don-t-reuse-ceritificate-serial-numbers.patch Don't reuse ceritificate serial numbers
I was testing a local HTTPS server using localhost. If for some reason
you remove ~/.localhost, Firefox will reject the newly created
certificate saying that it has the same serial number from a previously
seen certificate, but it's a diffreent one. Just use the current UNIX
epoch as the serial number to avoid this.
Antonio Terceiro <> no 2023-02-07

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