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Status for ruby-mysql2/0.5.5-3

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skip-random-failing-tests.patch skip connect_attrs tests due random failure Lucas Kanashiro <> no 2023-11-30
remove_rubygems_from_examples.patch Remove rubygems from examples
This patch modifies the examples so that they
do not use rubygems, and don't modify the LOAD_PATH. The
library will be installed in a place where ruby can find it,
and the relative path ../lib is not valid anymore.
Michael Franzl <> no 2012-12-12
remove_rpath_compilation_flag.patch Remove rpath from compilation flags

This patch is required to pass the binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath lintian
test. To fix this problem, any attempt to add rpath to $LDFLAGS
inside of ext/mysql2/extconf.rb is patched out
Michael Franzl <> no 2023-11-30
skip-problematic-tests.patch skip problematic tests

For some reason I cannot get these tests to pass on Debian. The first one will
fail randomly, while the second one will always fail.
Antonio Terceiro <> not-needed vendor 2023-11-30
trust-library-ABI.patch Trust library ABI

Instead of forcibly checking MySQL client library versions, let's trust the library ABI versioning to work.
Antonio Terceiro <> not-needed debian vendor 2023-11-30
fix-configuration.patch Use local user as root in spec/configuration.yml.example

Starting with mariadb 10.5, it seems you cannot connect as root anymore. This
avoids that, as LOCALUSERNAME will be replaced by $USER when running the
Antonio Terceiro <> not-needed debian vendor 2023-11-30
skip-test-that-depends-on-server.patch skip test that depends on the server implementation

With mariadb 10.5, the server doesn't seem to create a new entry in
prepared_statements_instances, at least not for "SELECT 1". In any case,
having a test that depends on the server side implementation does not look
like a good idea.
Antonio Terceiro <> no vendor 2023-11-30
0008-Ignore-compaction-bug-on-ruby3.1.patch Ignore compaction bug on ruby3.1 Lucas Nussbaum <> no 2024-05-07

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