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Status for rxvt-unicode/9.31-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01_app-defaults.diff Load system-wide application defaults from /etc/X11/app-defaults

Section 11.8.6 of the Debian policy requires all application defaults to be
stored under /etc/X11/app-defaults.
Decklin Foster <> not-needed debian vendor 2011-02-24
07_rgb_location.diff Set correct path to file with color names in manpage Decklin Foster <> no debian vendor 2011-03-06
11_fix_lexgrog.diff Fix malformed whatis entries

lexgrog cannot parse names containing whitespace, quoting lexgrog(1):

Names containing whitespace will be ignored to avoid pathological
behaviour on certain ill-formed NAME sections.

This will fix the "manpage-has-bad-whatis-entry" lintian warnings and will let
us have whatis entries.
Ryan Kavanagh <> no vendor 2024-01-12
12_hyphen_minus_sign.diff Don't use hyphens as minus signs

Tell pod not to change - into a hyphen by wrapping it in C<>; see
perlpodspec for details.
Ryan Kavanagh <> no vendor 2024-01-12
14_install_urxvt-font-size.diff Install urxvt-font-size extension Ryan Kavanagh <> not-needed Debian 2018-01-02
16_no_terminfo.diff Don't install the terminfo entry Ryan Kavanagh <> not-needed Debian 2018-01-02
17_unsafe_man.diff Fix insecure temporary file handling and terminfo documentation

Be careful in the use of temporary files in the documentation to prevent
symlink attacks. Also document how to install the rxvt-unicode-256color
terminfo entry used by this Debian package.
Ryan Kavanagh <> no debian Debian 2018-01-06
0008-Fix-OSC-responses-with-7-bit-ST.patch Fix OSC responses with 7-bit ST
Bug reported by Stuart Henderson.
Emanuele Giaquinta <> no debian upstream, 2023-02-19

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