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fix-build-with-older-autotools.patch [PATCH] configure: Add `AM_PROG_CC_C_O` macro
This macro checks that the C compiler supports the -c and -o
options together, which is needed to build the testing exe.

This macro is needed only for automake <1.14, but add it for
compatibility with older environments.
Andrea Stacchiotti <> no 2018-01-15
use-python3-shebang.patch [PATCH] gui: Use python3 shebang Sebastian Parschauer <> no 2018-01-16
gui-appdata-format-location.patch [PATCH] gui: appdata: Use new format and location
Lintian reports that our appdata uses legacy format and location.
It refers to:

So adapt to the new "<id/>" element, rename "<updatecontact/>" to
"<update_contact/>", and use the "<component/>" element instead
of "<application/>". Also add the required "<image/>" element.
Install to /usr/share/metainfo/ instead of /usr/share/appdata/.

Fixes #295

[sparschauer: Merge with "0cc3830 gui: Update screenshot ..."]
Sebastian Parschauer <> no 2018-01-21
gui-rename-metainfo-desktop.patch [PATCH] gui: Rename * and *
In order to use the new id "org.scanmem.gameconqueror", both files
have to have that prefix. To show that we use the new format, rename
"appdata" to "metainfo". Update translations and .gitignore as well.
Sebastian Parschauer <> no 2018-01-21

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