Debian Patches

Status for sccache/0.4.0~~pre8-8

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
2011_serial_test.patch relax dependency on crate serial_test Needed to match Debian-packaged serial_test v0.9.0. Jonas Smedegaard <> no debian 2022-12-30
2012_predicates.patch relax dependency on crate predicates Needed to match Debian-packaged predicates v2.1.4. Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2023-01-14
2013_fs_err.patch avoid crate fs_err Crate is unavailable in Debian.
This essentially reverts upstream git commit fe295fa.
Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2023-02-24
2014_hyper.patch relax dependency on crate hyper Needed to match Debian-packaged hyper v0.14.19. Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2023-02-24
1001_optional_tests.patch skip tests when needed feature is disabled Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2023-01-26
1006_tests_network.patch skip flaky network-requiring tests by default Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2022-06-28
2001_no_dist-server.patch avoid feature dist-server Some needed crates are not yet available in Debian. Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2022-11-13
2002_no_opendal_backends.patch avoid opendal-based backends Some needed crates are not yet available in Debian. Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2023-02-24
2003_no_windows.patch avoid windows-only crates parity-tokio-ipc winapi Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2022-07-30
2004_gzp.patch avoid non-Debian-packaged crate gzp This essentially reverts upstream git commit 963f137. Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2022-11-16
2005_env_logger.patch relax dependency on crate env_logger Needed to match Debian-packaged env_logger v0.9.3. Jonas Smedegaard <> no debian 2023-02-12
2006_num_cpus.patch relax dependency on crate num_cpus Needed to match Debian-packaged num_cpus v1.14.0. Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2023-01-14
2007_sha2.patch relax dependency on crate sha2 Needed to match Debian-packaged sha2 v0.10.5. Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2023-02-12
2008_assert_cmd.patch relax dependency on crate assert_cmd Needed to match Debian-packaged assert_cmd v2.0.7. Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2023-02-12
2009_thirtyfour_sync.patch Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2023-02-12
2010_base64.patch use older crate base64 Needed to match Debian-packaged base64 v0.13.0.
This essentially reverts upstream git commit 9bf4e41.
Jonas Smedegaard <> no debian 2022-12-22

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