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Status for sepp/4.5.1+really4.5.1+dfsg-5

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
setup.patch Do not check existence of third party tools since these are removed. We are using Debian packaged tools Andreas Tille <> not-needed 2020-05-24
use_debian_packaged_guppy_from_pplacer.patch Use Debian packaged guppy and hmm* An if statement is added because copy_tool_to_lib is also called for the jar
that is generated before the Python part of the build.
Andreas Tille <> not-needed 2020-08-19
change_java_version_for_ant.patch More recent version of Java suppresses some warnings Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2021-09-25
java_build.patch Adapting the build.xml file of ant to Debian policy There are no embedded jars to include.
The classpath thus has to be changed to include Debian-packaged jars.
The .java files should not be included in the target jars.
Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2021-09-25
configuration_files_in_etc_and_per_user.patch using configuration files that are in /etc or in ~/.sepp Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2020-10-08
deactivating_log_test.patch deactivating minor test relative to log verbosity level Pierre Gruet <> yes 2020-10-05
using_python3_interpreter.patch Marking the Python interpreter as python3 This is to conform to Debian Python policy. Pierre Gruet <> yes 2021-09-25
hmmbuild_path_for_testUPP.patch use Debian path of hmmbuild in testUPP Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2021-09-26
py310_collections_import.patch fix collections import In python 3.10[1] deprecated aliases to Collections Abstract Base Classes from
the collections module have been removed. These imports must be done from
diff --git a/sepp/ b/sepp/
index ada5de8..61e9adb 100644
Andreas Hasenack <> yes debian upstream 2022-02-03
open-U-obsolete.patch Drop obsolete "U" mode passed to open() The "U" mode has been deprecated in python since python3 and has had no
effect. In python 3.11, it is now disallowed. Drop this mode flag that
causes runtime failures.
Steve Langasek <> yes 2023-01-24

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