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0001-Apply-version-string-substitutions-from-the-tarball.patch Apply version string substitutions from the tarball Ben Hutchings <> no 2018-08-10
206_translate-docs.diff Support translated docs using po4a Ben Hutchings <> no debian 2022-08-01
0003-Add-German-translation-of-documentation.patch Add German translation of documentation
This was done by Helge Kreutzmann.
Ben Hutchings <> no 2022-08-01
201_make-more-docs.diff Add rules and script to build manual pages and HTML
Halibut already supports these formats but since the documentation is
all combined we need to do a bit more work to extract the right
information for each game's manual page.
Ben Hutchings <> no 2022-08-01
202_online-help.diff Add HTML-based online help
This works along the same lines as the Windows implementation,
though we have to try a bit harder to find a help browser.
Ben Hutchings <> no 2018-08-10
207_slant-shade-filled.diff slant: Shade filled squares Ben Hutchings <> no debian 2018-08-10
303_show-debian-version-number.diff Show Debian package version number
Include Debian version number in any version display to make
it obvious that the binaries are built from modified source.
Ben Hutchings <> no 2018-08-10
install-two-icon-sizes.patch Install both 48x48 and 96x96 icons
gnome-shell prefers to use 96x96 icons, so install them as well as the
48x48 icons. Install them in size-specific directories instead of
using suffixes to the filename, and change the desktop files
Ben Hutchings <> no debian 2023-01-22

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