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Status for simgear/1:2020.3.18+dfsg-2.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
kfreebsd.patch GL usage for GNU/kFreeBSD
Since mesa 10.3, glx.h fails to compile if GL_GLEXT_LEGACY
is used without also GLX_GLXEXT_LEGACY.

And GNU/kFreeBSD should better use the GNU/Linux VG_API_LINUX
rather than VG_API_FREEBSD anyway.
Steven Chamberlain <> no 2014-10-18
hurd.patch Allow one to compile on hurd-i386.

Pretending to be FREEBSD in the ShivaVG parts of simgear (?).
Markus Wanner <> no 2016-05-31
no_3rdparty.patch Eliminate the 3rdparty directory from the build

For Debian, we're not using any of the bundled 3rdparty libraries, but
depend on other Debian packages. Therefore, skip that directory during
the build.
Markus Wanner <> not-needed 2016-05-29
disable_force_shared.patch Allow one to build a static library even with SYSTEM_UDNS

In upstream's variant of the cmake build, SYSTEM_UDNS also forces
SIMGEAR_SHARED to be enabled. For Debian, we just want a static
library, though. Therefore, this patch removes that policy.
Markus Wanner <> no 2016-09-20
disable_network_tests.patch Disable tests requiring network access.

Disable all tests requiring network access. Keep building the test
binaries, as we still want to catch failures to build them.
Markus Wanner <> not-needed 2018-11-11
spelling_fixes.patch spelling fixes detected by lintian Markus Wanner <> no 2017-08-07
fix-ftbfs-on-armel-armhf.patch The class "osg::Camera" has no member named "resize" in OSG 3.2 Debian FlightGear Crew <> no 2020-06-16
fix-atomic-build-riscv64.patch Don't use atomic_bool, but atomic_int, the latter doesn't need external latomic linkingon riscv64 Gianfranco Costamagna <> no 2022-12-10
Fix-a-new-Clang-compile-failure-with-current-XCode.patch Fix a new Clang compile failure with current XCode
(cherry picked from commit 319e6e3a3aeb84f1ea6dc55be72b24558c705528)
James Turner <> no 2023-02-03
Remove-top-level-.dirhash-before-running-testUpdateNoChan.patch Remove top-level .dirhash before running testUpdateNoChanges
During the first test (testBasicClone), some files inside dirB are
deleted or modified. This causes rebuild of dirB/.dirindex and
dirB/.dirhash, but does not update the top-level .dirhash.

That hash cache is only updated when the size or the last modified
time of dirB/.dirindex differs from the size or timestamp in the
.dirhash file. However, the size does not change in our case, and
the timestamp has granularity of one second, so if the test runs
quickly enough, the timestamps will match even after the contents of
dirB/.dirindex changed.

So testUpdateNoChanges was flaky: sometimes it passed, and sometimes
failed with "Bad request count" exception when comparing request
count for dirB. This change stabilizes it.
Dmitry Shachnev <> yes 2024-04-06

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