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Status for sitecopy/1:0.16.6-11

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-remote-dynamic-rc.patch A patch for generating dynamic rc files Jesus Climent <jesus dot climent at hispalinux dot es> no
02-french-po-fix.patch Fixed the french translation issue Ludovic Rousseau <> no
03-wrong-memory-397155.patch A patch for fixing wrong memory intialization

diff -u sitecopy-0.16.3-orig/src/rcfile.c sitecopy-0.16.3/src/rcfile.c
Ludovic Rousseau <rousseau at debian dot org> no
04-manpages-addition-fixes.patch Add missing/wrong entries/translation in manpages (#405483, #439594) Kartik Mistry <> no
06-sftpdriver.c-fix-for-new-openssh.patch Patch for sftp protocol doesn't work with >= 1:4.2p1-1
diff -urNad sitecopy-0.16.3~/src/sftpdriver.c sitecopy-0.16.3/src/sftpdriver.c
Agustin Martin Domingo <> no
10-bts410703-preserve-storage-files-sigint.patch Preserve storage files it SIGINT (Ctrl+C) is sent Andreas Henriksson <> no
20-bts549721-add-compatibility-for-neon-0.29.0.patch Add support for libneon 0.29.0 and 0.30.0
diff -urNad sitecopy~/ sitecopy/
Sandro Tosi <> no
30-bts320586-manpage-document-sftp.patch Document SFTP sitecopy functionality Christian Kujau <> no
31_Fix-various-issues.diff no
32_neon-0.31.patch no

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