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Status for solid-pop3d/0.15-31

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
14-gcc-4.0-amd64.patch Fix FTBFS (amd64/gcc-4.0): invalid lvalue in assignment (Bug#290462) Andreas Jochens <> no 2005-01-14
15-gcc-warning.patch Fix for `implicit declaration of memcpy' gcc warnings Robert Luberda <> no 2005-11-06
16-manpages-hyphens.patch Fix hyphens in man pages (lintian) Robert Luberda <> no 2008-04-19
02-configure.patch Configure Steve Haslam <> no 2000-09-21
03-debian-base.patch Base Debian changes: FHS + s/spop3d/solid-pop3d/ Robert Luberda <> no 2002-11-27
04-liblockfile.patch Liblockfile Robert Luberda <> no 2002-12-02
05-unlock.patch Patches for #184790 and #184793 Robert Luberda <> no 2003-04-04
06-autologout-username.patch Print username in autologout log (bug#107927) "Adam D. Barratt" <> no 2003-12-31
07-allowuser.patch Add AllowUser option (bug#77710)
Patch based on upstream version 0.16d.
"Adam D. Barratt" <> no 2004-01-03
08-init.patch Enable inetd/standalone (bug#77934)
Patch by Adam D. Barratt <>
"Adam D. Barratt" <> no 2004-01-16
09-authmappeduser.patch Add AuthMappedUser option (bug#228085) "Adam D. Barratt" <> no 2004-01-16
10-usermapprefix.patch Add UserMapPrefix option (bug#228059)
Patch by Mark Smith & Adam D. Barratt
"Adam D. Barratt" <> no 2004-01-22
11-parserloop.patch Fix infinite loop in expand_dir (backpotred from 0.16d). Robert Luberda <> no 2004-01-28
12-multiple-mailbox.patch Add support for multiple mailboxes per user (Bug#77711) "Adam D. Barratt" <> no 2004-11-18
13-max-sessions.patch Raise MAX_SESSIONS (Bug#285495) Robert Luberda <> no 2004-12-29
17-close-fds.patch Close file descriptors
Redirect standard input/output/error to /dev/null and close any other file descriptors.
Robert Luberda <> no 2011-02-05
18-init-fix.patch Fix warning caused by 08-init.patch Robert Luberda <> no 2011-02-05
19-gcc-warnings.patch Fix various gcc warnings Robert Luberda <> no 2011-02-05
20-spelling-typo.patch Fix a typo found by lintian Robert Luberda <> no 2016-10-09
21-remove-rcsid.patch Get rid of rcsid lines that cause gcc "unused variable" warnings Robert Luberda <> no 2016-10-09 files
As dehelper v11 calls autoreconf automatically,
add files, that are needed for automake.

Make some minor changes in to fix
few warnings, and make automake work.
Robert Luberda <> no 2018-07-01
23-gcc8-warnings.patch Fix gcc-8 warnings Robert Luberda <> no 2018-07-01
24-fix-ipv6-crash.patch Fix IPv6 crash
The solid-pop3d daemon process crashes
(segmentation faults) when a client connect
to the daemon via ipv6 protocol.

Because the 'ntopbuff' variable in standalone.c
is too small buffer size. The 'inet_ntop' main
page says the buffer size must be at least
INET6_ADDRSTRLEN bytes long. However the 'ntopbuff'
is only 24 bytes long.
michi <> no 2020-11-17

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