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10_change_config_paths =================================================================== no
20_edit_spamc_pod =================================================================== no
55_disable_nagios_epm =================================================================== no
90_pod_cleanup =================================================================== no
debian_gitignore =================================================================== no
bug426031-pod-fix Update site-specific configuration path in man page In Debian, there is exactly one site-specific configuration directory, and it
is known in advance. So we can safely remove the list of possible paths from
the man page in order to avoid confusion.
Noah Meyerhans <> not-needed debian
skip_config_tree_recurse_test Skip config_tree_recurse test
The default behavior of File::Find will automatically untaint directories with
"safe" names. The '~' (tilde) character is not considered a safe name.
Because Debian source package names use '~' to denote pre-release versions, the
test will fail with a message similar to the following:
t/config_tree_recurse.t ........... _get_cf_pre_files_in_dir error: directory /home/admin/spamassassin-3.4.3~rc6+1/t/log/localrules.tmp is still tainted at /usr/share/perl/5.30/File/ line 558. at ../lib/Mail/ line 2096.
The solution to this is either to modify lib/Mail/ to consider
'~' a safe character, or skip the test altogether. Because the former would
impact all installations, and the latter is limited to test coverage, we will
skip the test.
Noah Meyerhans <> not-needed
use_utf8_encoding.patch =================================================================== no
add-ip-configuration-debug.patch Add some debug output to tests Tests are failing on Debian buildd hosts with IPv6-only network configuration.
However, I've been unable to reproduce this outside the buildd environment.
Adding some debugging output to try to collect more details.
This patch can be dropped when the sitution is resolved.
spamd_disable_ai_addrconfig_for_ipv4_literals.patch Disable AI_ADDRCONFIG when passing IPv4 literals to getaddrinfo AI_ADDRCONFIG skips the loopback interface, but if it's the only one with IPv4
addresses configured, then it won't be returned by getaddrinfo and spamd won't
end up listening anywhere.
no debian

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