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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Fix-docs-build-rebuild.patch Fix docs build/rebuild.
There were two issues here:
1. Building the docs would fail because some custom strings were referenced
before the translations were loaded (for the 'extra-doc-strings' catalog).
This should now be more robust overall, with the translations loaded
2. The wrong language catalog was loaded for 'extra-doc-strings'. Not a problem
since it doesn't have any translations yet. Fixed by using separate doctrees
and saved environments for each language, rather than all languages sharing
Felix Krull <> no upstream, 2016-12-02
0002-Backport-upstream-build-system-updates.patch Backport upstream build system updates. Felix Krull <> no backport, 2017-08-26
0003-Set-qthelp_theme-and-qthelp_theme_options-for-Sphinx.patch Set qthelp_theme and qthelp_theme_options for Sphinx 1.5. Felix Krull <> no upstream, 2017-08-26
0004-Replace-the-REBUILD_MANUAL-option-with-a-path.patch Replace the REBUILD_MANUAL option with a path
Instead of the somewhat iffy REBUILD_MANUAL option, there's now a
different HTML_DOCS_DIR setting defaulting to the bundled copy. The
CMakeLists file in doc/src is now standalone. It can be used to build
the HTML docs in a separate build directory, then the main app build can
be pointed at that build directory. This is slightly less convenient,
but the dependencies are much easier to get right.
Felix Krull <> yes upstream upstream, 2018-05-13
0005-docs-fix-docs-build-with-Sphinx-2.0.patch Fix docs build with Sphinx >= 2.0 Felix Krull <> no upstream, 2020-04-18
0006-Use-CMake-s-CXX_STANDARD-property.patch Use CMake's CXX_STANDARD property Felix Krull <> no upstream, 2020-04-18
0007-fix-docs-build-with-Sphinx-4.patch Fix FTBFS with Sphinx >= 4
Pass the type instead of an instance to add_lexer().

> Sphinx.add_lexer():
> Take a lexer class as an argument.
> An instance of lexers are still supported until Sphinx-3.x.
Felix Geyer <> no 2022-10-29
0008-Use-Sphinx-built-in-i18n-support-for-extensions.patch Use Sphinx built-in i18n support for extensions Felix Krull <> no upstream, 2022-12-23

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