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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
stop_defining_mandir don't define mandir in Makefile Jonathan Dowland <> no
define_path_max define PATH_MAX if undefined We're (ab)using PATH_MAX as an upper-bound on a string buffer size,
but it isn't defined on all platforms (notably HURD). For those
platforms just defined a reasonably high number.

diff --git a/tty.c b/tty.c
index ac9ed44..1b83016 100644
Jonathan Dowland <> invalid 2014-05-22
fix_xxy Fix X/X/Y test logic Thibaut Girka <> invalid debian
0001-mincurses.c-use-ncurses-API-to-enter-raw-mode-ncurse.patch [PATCH] mincurses.c: use ncurses API to enter raw() mode (ncurses-6.3 compatibility)

Before the change buld on `ncurses-6.3` was failing as:

mincurses.c: In function 'setup_term_customize':
mincurses.c:345:20: error: 'TERMINAL' {aka 'struct term'} has no member named 'Nttyb'
345 | term = cur_term->Nttyb;
| ^~

ncurses-6.3 removed from public API Nttyb and friends in
effectively breaking the workaround of ce3fabff.

This change drops most of fine tunning over termios and uses ncurses
`initscr()` / `raw()` pair of initializers to get to the mode closest
to what `squishyball` manually installs.

The result seems to handle <Enter>, <Ctrl-C>, <Ctrl-?>, other
keys and application exit correctly.

Tested on `ncurses-6.2` and `ncurses-6.3`.
Sergei Trofimovich <> no debian 2022-01-25
manpage_typo fix manpage typo
diff --git a/squishyball.1 b/squishyball.1
index 0d42f28..6252abc 100644
Jonathan Dowland <> no

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