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Status for supertuxkart/1.4+dfsg-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
link_against_system_libs.patch Link against system copies of zlib/libpng/libjpeg/bzip2 Vincent Cheng <> invalid 2019-06-04
irrlicht/arch-support.diff [PATCH] debian/arch-support
Building on non-linux architectures currently fails with unpatched
irrlicht because irrlicht tries to create Joystick support using
linux-specific headers. However there's infrastructure to disable
Joystick support, we just need to activate that on non-linux

Additionally if built on a sparc machine irrlicht assumes wrongly it's
a solaris system. We fix this wrong assumption as our sparc builds are
all on linux.

Finally irrlicht exceeds the size constraights for -fpic requiring to
build with -fPIC. As upstream doesn't do that we need to fix this for
sparc and s390 builds (powerPC?).
Christoph Egger <> no
irrlicht/use-system-libs.diff [PATCH] debian/use-system-libs
Path to build irrlicht using the system libraries for png,zlib and
jpeg as well as the glext family of header files.
arm-asm.patch Fix FTBFS on armhf Michael Hudson-Doyle <> yes debian upstream
use_system_libs.patch Allow building with system libraries - shaderc contained a third_party directory with a bunch of bundled
libraries that are available in Debian.
Reiner Herrmann <> no
system-glslang.patch fix building of shaderc with newer glslang in Debian no upstream,
gcc13.patch [PATCH] Add missing includes to fix the build with gcc 13
Like other versions before, gcc 13 moved some includes around and as a
result <stdexcept> and <cstdio> are no longer transitively included.
Explicitly include them for std::runtime_error and snprintf.
Heiko Becker <> no 2023-01-26

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