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Status for swig/4.1.0-0.3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
ccache_program_transform.patch Allow transforming executable names again Torsten Landschoff <> no
ccache-rename.diff Work around renaming of ccache-swig binary The package suffixes binaries with the major version, which changes
ccache-swig to ccache-swig4.0. However, ccache is sensitive to the
name of its binary. The test did not take the program-suffix configure
option into account.
This is fixed with this patch, however, the original name will not
work anymore here (ccache-swig is probably broken now, calling it
via the installed symlink should work though).
The patch replaces the macro MYNAME to refer to the installed name
of the ccache-swig binary.
Torsten Landschoff <> no debian Debian
ccache-use-cppflags no
substitute-libv8-dev-with-libnode-dev.patch [PATCH] substitute non-existent libv8-dev with libnode-dev which provides it Salman Mohammadi <> no 2020-09-27
0005-Revert-Use-PyObject-instead-of-PySliceObject-through.patch Revert "Use PyObject instead of PySliceObject throughout with Python 3.2+"

This reverts commit e683168018558f4e73dc26629c4bbec224d23438.
Jochen Sprickerhof <> no 2022-12-17
octave-8.1.patch [PATCH 1/3] Update octruntime.swg to work with Octave v8.1.0 Andrea L <> not-needed debian upstream upstream, 2023-03-14

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